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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

News about Kenau and the True History of the Siege of Haarlem

News about For What is Ours.

An Army of Judiths was so badly edited by my (ex) publisher, who also cut out the most important siege history, that I was duty-bound to win back my publishing rights. I have now re-published, under the title, For What is Ours, Kenau, and the True History of the Siege of Haarlem. 

This new and updated version is historically faithful account of the siege, a story that needs no embellishment, and has now been professionally edited.

Historical accuracy is of paramount importance to me, and my fascination with the siege of Haarlem does not begin and end with Kenau’s (alleged) part in it. My interpretation of the story examines the effect that such a bloody siege would have had on women, and therefore I hope that my account does justice to the times, the stoic people of Haarlem in general, as well as the courageous women involved.

The book is available as a free download on certain days (please keep an eye on my twitter account @monkunderwood), but is also available from the Kindle lending library. Also I am pleased to announce that For What is ours is out now in paperback. 

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